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Everything you need to find great people to work with.

A simple profile of 4 hand-picked recommendations to share and find talent. No more, no less.

Meaningful Recommendations
Making at most five recommendations per profile ensures thoughtful endorsements.
Simple Searching
Search for anyone by name, LinkedIn URL, or email address to explore their profile.
Trustworthy Talent
Find personally vouched-for talent that's overlooked by traditional processes.
Quick Sharing
Share your profile and recommendations in one link – that's it.

Use Cases

Help your network, get work.

YouShouldWorkWith is a tool to help everyone find great people to work with. Here are some ways you can use it:

Find a job
Looking for a job? Get recommended by someone in your network and get hired faster! You can also share your profile with recruiters and hiring managers.
Hire someone
Your existing employees profiles will be a great place to find great candidates! Get them to recommend people they've worked with.
Refer a university friend
Not everyone does super well in uni – but that doesn't mean they're not a great talent! Help your friends find a job by recommending them to your network.
Recommend an ex-colleague
When a bright star leaves your company, make sure they land somewhere great by recommending them to your network.
Recommend your boss!
If you're blessed to have a great boss, help them find more great people like you by recommending them to your network.
Highlight a startup founder
Startup founders are always looking for great talent and investors. Help them out by recommending a founder to your network.


Simple no-tricks pricing

An affordable upgrade that’s packed with the best features for finding great people to work with.

50% off



For the people who want to get started and see what it’s all about.

  • You can add 4 recommendations to your profile
  • You can visit 10 other profiles per month
  • You have unlimited searches
  • You can view who is recommends you via the 'Inbound' button!



For the scouts, founders, head hunters and hiring managers who want to leverage personal networks to find the best talent.

  • You can visit an unlimited number of profiles per month
  • Access to the 'Warm Intro' button to see contacts who can introduce you to any profiled person.
  • Priority support from the team

So find and recommend people to
work with today!

Start your search today and find great people through contacts you trust!